Frequently asked Questions

Is Uncle John's Licorice Fat Free?
Our traditional licorice is 99% Fat Free and Cholesterol Free with No artificial colours or flavours.

Is Uncle John's Licorice Salty?
Our licorice has no added salt.

Does Uncle John make Flavoured Licorice?
No we only the make the traditional black molasses licorice-and chocolate coat it!

Is Uncle John's Licorice Gluten Free?
Our licorice is not gluten free. Wheat Flour is one of our main ingredients.

Is Uncle John's Licorice Vegetarian or Vegan?
Our traditional licorice is vegetarian and vegan.

Does your licorice have a preservative?
Yes we do use a preservative (202) Potassium Sorbate.

What is the used by date?
Uncle John's Licorice has a 6 month best before date.

Is Palm Oil in your ingredients?
Vegetable Fat Solid makes up for less than .1% of our batch. An ingredient in this vegetable fat is Certified Palm Oil or "Farmed" Palm Oil.

How do i keep my licorice fresher for longer?
Licorice does go firm with time, so once opened, store in an airtight container, not refrigerated.

Do you have hard licorice?
Licorice goes firm when exposed to air and with time.

Is Uncle John's Licorice nut free?
Yes. Our factory is completely nut free. The local chocolate maker's factory is also nut free.

Is licorice good for you?
Licorice extract is an ingredient that comes from the root of the licorice plant. The licorice plant itself is used for a lot of medicinal purposes in Chinese medicine etc but when made into our licorice it becomes confectionery and is high in sugar.
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